Your Business

From medical centres to hotels, we provide specialist laundry
and sanitising services to suit all of your business needs,
ensuring to keep your space, equipment, employees and
customers safe and clean, 7 days a week.

Your Space

Using ByoPlanet’s leading
technology, we sanitise your space, whether it is a medical centre, restaurant, office, gym or a spa, we guarantee to leave it spotless and free from germs.

Your Customers

We offer specialized laundry cleaning services for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a single villa, a compound, apartment building or a hotel, we can cover all of your laundry needs.

Your Employees

No matter the type of specialist clothing, headwear or footwear, we clean and sanitise all types of uniforms with a reliable service that comes right to your door. Making sure your staff look good and feel great.

Your Equipment

Using ByoPlanet’s technology to reach further and penetrate deeper, allowing us to clean all of your surfaces, including hard to reach areas and sensitive equipment, protecting you and your customers from the spread of bacteria.

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