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Whether you need same day cleaning and sanitizing, tailoring and alterations, folding and packing, or even pick up and delivery, we are here to provide you with quality laundry services for all types of clothing, anytime, anywhere.


A service you can trust that cleans and presses all of your garments. We guarantee to have your items returned clean and fresh the same day you drop them off.

bags and shoes cleaning

Shoes & Bags

Keeping you fresh from head to toe with our deep shoe and bag cleaning service, we clean, sanitize and polish your bags and footwear.


Using innovative Renzacci technology designed to put emphasis on protecting your sports wear, we clean and sanitize all of your items to ensure they’re ready for your active lifestyle.

children clothes cleaning


We use Kreussler eco-friendly products and detergents to protect your children’s delicate skin, keeping them clean and safe, washing all children’s clothes separately from other items.


Whether it’s your wedding dress, abaya or even leather goods, we understand the importance of your precious items and use silicone detergents for extra protection. Our specialist techniques coupled with Renzacci technology ensures your valuable garments are cleaned and returned in immaculate condition.

clothes repairing


Providing a full range of laundry services, our expert tailors alter, adjust and repair all types of clothing to make sure you have the perfect fit every time.

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